What’s a Music Service?

I stumbled across the SONOS products (wireless music system) last year when desperately looking for a 40th birthday present for my husband. I then discovered that these systems can use music services like Rhapsody, Spotify, Pandora etc.  Before you check them out, let me briefly explain that getting a music service means that you can get rid of all those boxes of CD’s that have been gathering dust since you last moved house.

Even if you are a music freak and have spent thousands on speakers, you can plug a product like one of the SONOS players into your existing system and using a $10 a month music service, access any music you want, anytime, over the internet. Even on your phone. Skeptical? So was I, but I am a total and utter convert!

Do you use a music service?  I’d love to hear which one you use and any good or bad comments you have about it.


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Author: Sue @ Oysterfruit

Owner at Oysterfruit.com.au.

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