Upgrading to Windows 8 pre-release was not a good idea.

Microsoft Windows: Making it easier
Microsoft Windows: Making it easier (Photo credit: jasoneppink)

I am (or was and am hoping to still be) the proud owner of an ASUS Slate EP121 running Windows 7.  About a year ago I convinced my husband it was the “pc of the future” (forget about those silly old iPads) and splashed out on one.  It is actually pretty cool, and I love the touch screen aspect of it.  Unfortunately Windows 7 isn’t a great platform for a touch screen device and more importantly it is really difficult to get it to stand up (using its case) at a good angle for Skyping, especially if the kids so much as breathe on it.  The grandparents did a lot of talking to our ceilings.  Despite that, I was pretty excited about upgrading it and playing around with Metro apps.

So what happened?

One of the first FAQ’s on the upgrade site was “Should I upgrade to Windows 8 pre-release?” so I clicked in.  Not if you need any of the data on your PC ..hmm.. not if it’s your primary home or work PC (my laptop had just died so it was, double hmm), and really your device was designed for Windows 7 so you’re not going to get a true Windows 8 experience anyway so why bother.

I paused, then thought hang on, this thing is only a year old and was frickin expensive and who the hell are you to tell me whether or not to upgrade!

Five minutes later the power unit failed and I haven’t been able to use my beloved Slate since.  Not impressed.  I am on the borderline of the warranty period but it’s proving particularly difficult to align all the planets needed to get the power unit picked up and brought away (for 2 to 6 weeks?!?) to the repair centre.

In the meantime I’ve replaced my laptop and will have to live without Windows 8 for a while longer..

Update Nov 2012: The lovely people at ASUS replaced my power pack at no cost even though I was marginally out of the warranty period. I haven’t upgraded yet though, still trying to remove my iTunes footprint so I have enough hard disk space 🙂


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