Who or what is Gartner?

I must have been living under a rock for the last 15 years because honestly, I think I only became aware of Gartner in the last year.

A vacant rock

Although maybe the brain cells that used to store that information got reformatted with the lyrics to “Twinkle, twinkle..” or the massive research project undertaken in 2009 to find the perfect sippy cup. One that didn’t leak, could be washed in a dishwasher and the parts put back together again without referring to a manual (Avent is the answer).

So if you have been similarly compromised please read on.

Gartner is a US and UK based research and advisory company for the IT industry that had revenue of $1.3 billion (yes, billion) in 2010.  I keep seeing them referred to in articles online in a reverential tone, usually in the form of “Worldwide tablet sales are expected to reach 118.9 million units this year, led by Apple’s iOS, according to a Gartner report” or “Gartner recommends that enterprises focus near-term efforts on application and data integration”.  Because if Gartner says it, it is a fact, baby, a FACT!

Companies can subscribe to Gartner and get access to their research reports and advisory services on pretty much any aspect of their IT strategy.

According to a recent Cambridge University publication “approximately 70 per cent of the Fortune 1000 companies and 80 per cent of the Global 500 are Gartner clients. Indeed, such is Gartner’s revered status within the world of IT that its ticker symbol – the abbreviation used to identify the company on the stock market – is simply ‘IT’.”

So now we both know!



Author: Sue @ Oysterfruit

Owner at Oysterfruit.com.au.

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