Ah the memories!

Speedway 1980's games

I found this picture today and it really brought me back….
I was completely addicted to Speedway as a kid, what a fantastic game! Other faves were Snake, Duke Nukem 2D (yes 2D, that’s not a typo), and Little Brick Out. Oh the wasted hours.
We had an old Apple 2e (the pic is an Apple 2c, the compact version) and were thrilled that it had a floppy drive – my best friend had a PC with a tape drive which took up to 45 mins to load a game – if it didn’t fail or eat the tape.
Now my dishwasher has cycles shorter than 45 minutes. Progress eh!

Can you remember any other cool games from that era?


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Author: Sue @ Oysterfruit

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6 thoughts on “Ah the memories!”

    1. It was a commodore 64 my friend had as well -actually it was her brothers, so even if we did manage to get a game loaded he used to kick us off it 10 minutes later. Still, we persevered…

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