Multi-tasking mush brain and other maladies I may have…

I found this infographic “Is Your Computer Killing you?” on tonight. Apparently the relatively harmless sounding “multi-tasking mush brain” can lead to ADHD, checking my fb before(and in) bed could be causing insomnia, and while I don’t have a gaming addiction (which caused 15% of divorces according to an online divorce study) I definitely do have an inability to get off the internet. Apart from at work of course – unless I’m grabbing lunch, or a coffee, or have a few minutes spare between meetings, or am on the train….

Right, I’m switching off (well it is 11pm) and setting my alarm (again) for a run before work (to stave off obesity – see below).  Lets hope the pressure of putting that here will force me to do it 🙂

Update: and so it did! Hoping now that I can do it again..

Is Your Computer Killing You? An infographic by Reviews


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14 responses to “Multi-tasking mush brain and other maladies I may have…

  1. It is an addiction! I sleep with my phone beside me for the clock but find myself checking it before bed.

  2. what an interesting picture! I am definitely addicted.. and definitely need to spend more time off the computer than I do on.. (facebook check at 3am feed….)….

    #teamIBOT was here

  3. I’m guilty of spending way too much time online. But I try to maintain balance with self imposed rules, like making sure certain housekeeping tasks are done before I’m online. Ensuring I still read actual books. And being aware of the example I’m setting for my kids and hence trying not to be online too much while they’re awake.

  4. hmm mush brain…. and i thought it was just mummy brain. maybe i have mmb?

  5. I do need to step away from the computer a lot more. Rachel x


    • I’m going to start by cutting back on the number of shopping lists I create on all those fab shopping sites and then abandon because really I have enough clothes at the moment. That would easily save me a few hours a month 🙂

  6. What a timely post for me! Last night I promised myself no internet after 8.30. I got bored with the tv and realised I hadn’t check instagram all day! So a “quick” check of that.

    Then I managed to stay on FB until 10.30 before finally switching off! I definitely think its an addiction, but I love being able to browse whilst feeding. Like right now. 😉

    I will attempt to switch off again tonight. Good luck in your attempts too!

  7. My eyes have been a little sore lately, and I’m now thinking this is why!
    I really need to disconnect more.

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