Ravelry – a social media site for Knitters

Ravelry social media knitting

A while ago I linked an infographic here that listed most of the familiar social networking sites, and quite a few I’d never heard of before.  To confuse matters further I found some more yesterday including some really cool niche ones.

I haven’t looked at them all yet but I’m loving Ravelry – a knit and crochet community.  The login page completely won me over – how cute is this?

Ravelry social media knitting
This is just gorgeous!

You sign up by picking a username and password after verifying your email address – no facebook or twitter login options as yet.  The first time you login you see a 7 minute video at the top of the page that clearly and concisely explains how to use the site. You can search for patterns, join groups, ask and answer questions, track your yarn and find the best places near you to meet other knitters and source your supplies.

Check it out at www.ravelry.com

The site has almost 3 million members and a quick search found lots of Australian users. I haven’t knitted in years but am now tempted to give it another whirl, this looks like fun!



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