Do you have a passcode lock on your smartphone?

I read something the other day that made me feel incredibly dumb.  It was a short article on five ways to secure your mobile phone.  The most obvious one was to always have the passcode lock switched on. Why? If you lose your phone the person who finds it will be able to access your email, contacts, facebook, twitter and all other linked accounts and possibly play hell with your life.  Imagine the trauma if you had to shut down all your accounts and start again?




I had used the passcode lock on my old phone but out of sheer laziness I had never bothered to set it on my new phone.  It was soooo much easier to just swipe instead of entering that pesky 4 digit code.  Boy did I feel dumb…..


Passcode is now duly switched on.


Apparently 62% of smartphone users do not use password protection on their smartphones (Javelin Strategy & Research).


How about you, are you part of the 62%? Or do you have your phone fully secured? Any other tips for securing a phone?





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